Da Resistance movement of Kashmiri women - India

India - Kashmiri Women in Resistance

February 25, 2020
This page will collate aspects of the resistance movement of Kashmiri women.
Description: This song was written on an odd night, away from home, in the aftermath of Aug 5 by a few young Kashmiri women. It is in memory of our people, our collective struggles and in hope of Azadi. 
Come, get up We have to throw out the tyrant The long awaited dawn is here, is here, is here When the flowers will bloom When the oppressor will be ousted Our martyrs will witness As we free Kasheer Sopre and Machil, Kunan and Poshpora Haven't been forgotten In our consciousness, they are remembered The ones you forcefully took,disappeared Never to be returned From morning till evening We keep calling their names Our budding roses Our moons and our suns Were put in mass graves as unidentified people We do not accept this Everyday, we get up Holding flags of remembrance, Kashmiris are marching on Pellet ridden eyes Bullet pierced chests Our throats filled with tear gas choke You adapt Israel’s tactics But, we have also learnt Palestinian intifada Hari Singh was yours Abdullahs are yours Mufti’s dreams were also yours Flaunted and propagated But we have always recognised your lies On the 5th of August You revealed your plans The facade of your democracy was unveiled Voiced in America, voiced in London The UN echoed with your Nazi manoeuvres Amongst yourselves, You agreed upon the accession, Elections of 1987, The UN resolutions were fraudulent The Articles were yours, The Agreements were yours, Neither were we asked then, Nor are you asking us now Countless days have passed, we have been throttled Thinking, now Kashmiris will fail You separated us from our loved one But in our letters we penned down revolutions Our days and nights have become one, No news of home Not just our land, our souls bear this anguish too You separated lovers, They toss and turn, their hearts are restless AFSPA and POTA You also introduced TADA PSA ruined countless childhoods You burnt down our houses Tattered our homes Despite that, even the apples of our orchards protest Time is witness, Our movement is not new-born Passed on to us by our ancestors This struggle is moving and ongoing Back then, to call the Azaan 22 people gave up their lives Today, children, men and women pick up stones When freedom will come, To our Kashmir Visit our graves and call our names Saying, O Martyrs! The struggle has attained its course Your martyrdom has reached its destination. 

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