Contro il regime fascista di Erdogan, contro Isis e imperialismo, sostegno alla lotta armata delle masse turche e kurde

August marked with effective actions by guerrillas

comrade the spirit of the Kurdish freedom struggle


770x500cc-dyb-19-08-15-Fatma-olmez-manset Police intervened in a protest demonstration in Esenler district of İstanbul

The KJK has issued a statement calling for support for the Kurdish people’s legitimate demand for self-government. “It is necessary that there be support for our youth, our women and our people, who are trying to realize the principle of local government in spite of the illegitimate, dictatorial, gangster state,” wrote the KJK.

 YJA STAR commander Kevser Eltürk (nom de guerre Ekin Wan)

The group New Democratic Woman (YDK) has issued a statement about the incident. “We’re not scared,” began the statement. “Because we know that this state is a murderer, from the villages it has evacuated and the women it has killed under arrest. Because we know that this state is a rapist, from the women whose breasts they have cut up in torture, from the women whose will they tried to break with rape, from the women who were abandoned to sexual torture under arrest and in prison,” said YDK.
“We know this from your unjust dirty wars, which may not have made us ashamed of our bodies, but have made us ashamed of our humanity. We know this from Shengal, from Kobanê. “We see very well that this misogyny of yours comes from the women fighting concessions on the barricades, in the prisons and on the mountains,” the group said. “And so we are not scared of you, and we are not ashamed of our bodies.”

The group Union of Patriotic Revolutionary Young Women (YDGK-H) has called on all women to join the self-defense effort in Kurdistan in revenge for what was done to Ekin Wan. “For years, we have been unashamed of our bodies. For years, this state had tried to scare us with rape, harassment and killing,” said the YDGK-H. “This is how they try to silence women, seize their homes and destroy them. In the face of all of this, we will continue digging our trenches and defending ourselves against the colonial state.” The group announced that they would be seeking revenge for the action. “There will be a settling of accounts with those who did this and with those who ventured to realize this. We know who did this,” said the women. “All YDGK-H units will get revenge on this from every police and special operations officer in Kurdistan.”

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