Le prigioniere politiche del TKP/ML in sciopero della fame alla Bakırköy Prison

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Turkey : TKP/ML women comrades on Hunger Strike

At the Bakırköy Prison for Women,  activists  TKP / ML began a 3-day  hunger strike in protest against the ongoing massacres in Turkish Kurdistan and against unreasonable and the escavations and fascist practices in prison.

They declare the same support for the strike activists  of PAJK PKK ...
The prisoners saying: "Wherever we are, as revolutionaries, it is our responsibility and our duty to take a stand and oppose" appealed to strengthen the fight.Finally they specified that: "Whatever the strength of the repression and cruelty, it is always those who resist that wins! ".
SOURCE: http://ozgurgelecek.net/guncel-haberler/18807.html?task=view

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